Apr 1, 2009

2 other hunts and a lucky chair

dragon and rose lucky chair
Nice purple gown dress and necklace from Dragon and Rose lucky chair.

designers hunt
Pants and top from A Piece of Candy; A fish called Wanda baby doll and long dress with tail from Cilian'gel, both April Top Designers hunt prizes.

designers hunt - cs fandango
Dresses and shoes from CS Fandango, April Top Designers hunt prize.

spring is in the air - earth jewel
Bracelet with color change hud from Earth Jewel, Spring Easter Egg hunt. This hunt is exclusive for new designers and businesses to show out their work.

I didn't have time to complete these hunts yet, but you can get a card with the rules at any of their stores. And I guess they both go on till the end of April. Enjoy!!