Apr 23, 2009

One big post

Some gifts and items from Car Wash and The Wash hunt. Find the rotten eggs on both sims. The hunt was supposed to end yesterday, I don't know when it's going to end now.

axel april db
Dress with shirt and leggings from Axel, 1L.

femdom gg 2
Lingeries and bronze boots from Femdom group. You can join the group at The Dominion Fashion District. The bed with frame and pose is from Pose Stars, old lucky chair prize I think.
femdom gg 1
These are the items in the Naughty box at Femdom group: black leather corset and panties with red bow, champagne creme bra, corset, panties and stockings, and the bronze laced boots. Thanks, Evangeline!

Now the gifts I found at Car Wash and The Wash hunt:
car wash hunt 5
Plaid top by Miss Honeypumpkin's; purple swimsuit and glasses from Artilleri.

car wash hunt 3
Short pants, tee and vest from Balaclava; checkered short pants and polo tee from Hell Bop.

car wash hunt 2
Hanna dress from Dress from Flon; Purple dress from Ingenue.
car wash hunt 1
Same outfit from Balaclava, without the vest. Batshit tee, pants and belt from Siren.
car wash hunt 4
Basketball outfit (shorts and shirt) from A-Bomb (using S.Loves basketball pose again, 0L). Purple pants and tank from PinUp Dolls.


Saphren said...

where exactly is the axel dress xD

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Near the front desk, 2 bags on the table by the couch.

Saphren said...

ty =D and i love ur blog! ive like been getting all free stuff u have on her xD

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Aww sweet! Tyvm! :)