Apr 7, 2009

Good morning!

jill lc 1
Dress from JILL lucky chair. It comes with 3 styles. It's awesome!

stell creations go
Dress from Estell Creations, grand opening gift. Hair from White Well, 0L.

tbc fb
Top from The Black Canary, 0L. I think it's on second floor.. hehe

wa accessories 2
Necklaces, choker and earrings from Withered Angel Jewelry. The owner has to close the store because of some RL issues, so there's a 25L sale going on. You can retexture, recolor and resize the accessories. The dead angel choker is only 1L!

wa accessories
Gold and diamond necklace, 1L, dead angel choker, 1L, and Restrained Heart necklace, 25L (with recolor e retexture script) from Withered Angel.

aden spice girls hair
Spice Girls hairs from Aden, 0L! All other hair styles are 50L!

Sad conclusion: 2 nice stores closing doors down :(