Apr 10, 2009

Holly Friday

So I found some time to blog a little! lol It's so addicting... :D

magi take and izumyia
Shirt from Magi Take, group gift in store. Leggings from Izumyia, 0L for a pack with 3 colors. Back pack also from Izumyia, not free but they have a 50% off sale on new releases. If their prices are already good, that means it's really cheap!

izumyia 50 off
Other new releases from Izumiya. The red leggins are in the pack I mention above. Boots on the left from EVA Footwear, 0L.

fab pony egg and izumyia
Pink dress from Fab.Pony, hidden egg in main store, 0L. Tank top set from Izumyia, 0L. The freebies are on second florr. Short pants also Izumiya, 50% off sale. Hair from Shop Seu: brown is group gift in notices.

serenity styles gg
Cute easter tanks from Serenity Style, group gift (6 pack).

pididdle sg
Elf ears and skin from Pididdle, new subscribomatic group gift.