Apr 27, 2009

Vinyl Cafe hunt

studio mz - naive - vinyl cafe
Purple top from Naive, subscribo gift. Black skirt from Studio M'z lucky board. Shoes from Vinyl Cafe hunt.

naive sg and vinyl cafe hunt
Cleo shorts and purple tank from Naive, subscribo gifts. Prim toe shoes from Vinyl Cafe Addicts hunt.

vinyl cafe hunt 1
Vinyl Cafe Addicts hunt: there are 10 pairs of shoes spread around Vinyl Cafe and The Dominion Fashion District. You have to join the group to be able to get the gifts.

vinyl cafe hunt 2

vinyl cafe hunt 3
If you are like me and suck on adjusting the skin color of your shoes, use this tutorial created by Karla Scorbal. It works perfectly for me! Thanks, Karla! Even if you don't speak portuguese, you can easily follow the steps by looking the pictures. :)


Karla Scorbal said...

Glad you like it and work for you too :)

I love you blog I follow every single day ;)

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Aww thanks, Karla! I love your blog too! :))