Apr 15, 2009


line sg - malt village hunt - creamshop sg
1- Top and skirt from Line, welcome gift from the new subscribo group; sandals with prim shoes from YS&Ys, Malt Village hunt gift; wood bangle also from Ys & Ys, 1L.
2- Dress from Elate!, Malt Village hunt; leggings from CreamShop, part of a big package as a welcome gift from the subscribo, necklace and gem earrings (with colorchange gems) from (luc), formerly Erthtones, lucky chair gift; flat shoes, gift from Flair at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.

fftv 1
Digital Knickers Crush babydoll and shoes, dress from VictoriaV, both gifts at Fabulous Fashion TV Studio.

fftv 2
Teal dress from NX, black pants and blue top from Sysy's, also gifts at the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio. Necklace from (luc) lucky chair, original paper bag from Kari, 0L.

fftv nash glasses
Awesome glasses from Solar Eyewear, comes with a hud to change colors, textures, shine, etc. It's another gift from Fabulous Fashion TV Studio. Bangles from Ys & Ys, 1L.