Apr 20, 2009

Good evening

serenity styles camping chair
Transitions sweater from Serenity Styles, 15 min camping chair (there is also a version for kids). I love the way it looks!! Bag from So Many Styles, group gift in notices (it's in the same pack of the skirt I've already blogged).
serenity styles lucky board
Dress from Serenity Styles lucky board. Comes with shoes! Thanks a lot, Kurston!
uzuri fb
Bobo tunic (with black sweater included) from Uzuri, 0L for a fat pack of 6 colors. Bangles from Chuculet, 1L.

uzuri fb 2
Trenchcoats also from Uzuri, same 0L for a fat pack.

cute fashion fb
Cute Fashion has a new freebie out, this cute dress for only 1L.


Anastasia Trefusis said...

Pretty please....
Where is the top from that you are wearing with the Serenity sweater?

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

It's from Skin Flicks! :) Nice, huh?

Anastasia Trefusis said...

Yeah thanks! I love Skin Flicks.
/me heads off shopping again

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Lol! Yw
Have fun shopping! I know you will :P