Apr 5, 2009

Late post

Here are some pics I took on Friday, but my internet connection decided to go down and I couldn't blog them. I hope you still have time to get the itens!

bosl hunt - phoenix rising
Dresses and purple skirt with belt from Phoenix Rising, on Best of Second Life Boulevard hunt. Purple shirt from Michami, previous group gift, don't know if still available.

bosl hunt - sams and indyra
Dress from Sam's Secret and skirt set from Indyra Originals, both from BOSL hunt.

brimstone mm dark mouse and magia ggs
Dress and shoes from Brimstone Midnight Mania, hair and hoop earrings from Dark Mouse subscribo group (I'm not sure if there's a history on that group, but you should join to gain future gifts anyways hehe); necklace from Magia, subscribo gift.

emas fb
Free Outfit from Ema's.

sugar lc
Complete outfit from Sugar lucky chair.

calla gg
Hair from Calla, subscribo gifts. The box comes with other hairstyles and colors.


Anonymous said...

oh where oh where can i find skirt set from Indyra Originals ..... ive looked and looked and looked!!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

I honestly don't remember where I found it :( Isn't it inside Indyra Originals store?

Isis Urriah said...

It's in the Indyra store at Couture Boulevard. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Couture%20Boulevard/232/116/26

It took me some time to find it too, thanks Emanuelle :)

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Woot! Ty Isis :)

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks thanks!! Now i found it:-))Millii

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...