Apr 22, 2009

To call it a night

muism and plus
Satin ruffle top from Muism lucky chair. Glam tote in pink from +Plus, update group gift (in notices).

miu star dresses gg
Star dresses from Miu, group gift in store.

dcny - av vlodovic - royal blue
Green and black dresses from DCNY, 0L and 1L. Gray tights (they're color changeable) from Royal Blue, welcome gift on the subscribo group. White and teal dress from AV Vlodovic, subscribo gift. Necklace and bangles on 1st pic are from (Luc) Fashion Jewelry, 0L.

s.loves basketball
Basketball with pose from S.LOVES, 0L. Outfit from Boom, 25L on sale. Thank you for the gifts, Suri babe! :)) Weee!


Anonymous said...

love your blog and your stile and wow gabi, you look so elegant on the first pic- may i ask from whome the throusers are that your wearing?

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Hi Xandorra, tyvm! Those are Olimpia pants from Lelutka :)