Apr 5, 2009

Albero hunt and some other goodies

The hunt at Albero's has many cool gifts, I'm still missing to find some, but if you don't want to search you can get a list at D-list HQ.

albero hunt 2
1- Gray top from ElDee; 10L; hair from W&Y; necklace from Twinkleberry. - Pants from a.C Store, 10L (not from Albero hunt).
2- Outfit from ICING; hair from Amrita.
3- Outfit from MIU.

albero hunt 1
1- Dress from Anuenue.
2- Dress from Bellange.
3- Dress from Uncle Wiggly.
1, 2 and 3- Necklace from Swallowtail.
1 and 3- Flats from 50 flats. The green was a freebie and the other one is from the random vendor. (Don't know if they're still available, but if not, you won't regret going there. There's always freebie, and a lucky board).

albero hunt 3
1- Top from Gbberish; bangles from Fishy Strawberry.
2 and 3- Outfit from CoverGirl; necklace from Twinkleberry.

albero hunt and ac store
1 and 2- Top from C'est La Vie.
3- Hoodie from Acid & Mala.
1, 2 and 3- Pants from AC Store, 10L.

albero hunt 4
1- Dress and bag from Yome Shoujo.
2- Top from Cube Sugar.
3- Skirt from Couverture.

albero hunt 5
1- Dress from Stitch by Stitch.
2 and 3- Oufit from Hal Nina; earrings from Blinsen+MaiTai
1, 2 and 3- Hair with sombrero from TekuTeku.

albero hunt 6
Dress from Tomoto, cool paper clock from Katati (it works!!); necklace from Twinkleberry, earrings from U&R Dogs.

albero hunt 7
Green dress and flower band from Sway's; top from Sisters; necklace and earrings from Ultra Kitty; glasses from Ottico.

albero hunt rs and hst april gift
Shoes from R2 (Albero Hunt); dress from Haute Style & Co, April gift in store.

albero hunt r2 and stc gg
Dress from Sweeter Than Candy, subscribo gift.