Apr 13, 2009

Malt Village Hunt & more

malt village hunt 2
Pink dress from Spork; black and white top, earrings, necklace and bracelet from Malt, all from Malt Village egg hunt. You have to go to the stores to get the hint (there's a panel where you click to get the nc) and then hunt for the egg. Black suede boots from Duh, 20L.

malt village hunt 1
Pink shrug from Moxy & Lux, gueisha pants with belt from Fear & Clothing and bunny with pose from Mudhoney Designs, everything also from Malt Village hunt.

malt village hunt 3
Yellow egg boots from Zhao Shoes (Malt Village hunt). I matched them with the free Domani outfit from Bijou (this was a group gift, not available now but you can find other colors for free at the store).

calmillan store fb
NY tee from CalMillan Store, 0L. It comes in all layers. Red suede boots from Duh, 20L. There's a green pair at the lucky chair and the baby blue ones are only 1L! Yay! Thanks, Renee!

tuli - faith skins - gg
Faith skins from Tuli, it's a group gift to preview the new line of skins. They're just fabulous!


Renee said...

Gabi, you make those boots look goooooooood!

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

They do look good!!!! ;)