Apr 28, 2009

Some good stuff

jill gg and fb
Denim shorts, shirt and headphone from Jill, group gift instore. Green dress and stockings (separated) also from Jill, 0L. There's also a cute outfit on the lucky board but I wasn't lucky to get it. :(

smitten kitten and av vlodovic
Tank top from Smitten Kitten, 0L. Dress and gloves from AV Vlodovic, subscribo gift.

glow studio and alegria designs db
Lashes from Glow Studio, 1L. Tara Dress Peach from Alegria Designs, 0L. The dress is among the regular vendors. Burgundy shoes from Vinyl Cafe Hunt.

hollie pocket and 50 flats
Scale blue-gray flats from 50 flats, 0L. Tops and pants (on the right) from Holli Pocket, 1L.

4eva gutta lc
Outfit from 4Eva Gutta, lucky chair prize.