Apr 15, 2009

More gifts

lunas boutique ggs
Camo Jacket from Candy Shop and black wool dress from Lunas Boutique, both are gifts from Lunas update group (in notices).
lunas boutique ggs 3
Pink bikini and cool desert scarf also from Lunas Boutique update group. The scarf comes in 5 colors (3 shown below).
lunas boutique ggs 2

mimikri gg
Outfit from Mimikri, group gift in notices. It includes body suit, short and long pants.
wot tees sg
Tees from Wot?, subscribo gift. Pack comes with 6 shirts!
skyshop sg
Hair from SkyShop. I bought this hair a long time ago, and now the owner has sent out a HUD update that changes the color of the hair, logo hat, the style of the logo hat and more. It's great!
Not free! hehehehe Sorry if you went there to try to get it for free! I'm sooooo dumb!!


Cay said...

Hey everyone, this is Cay Trudeau from SkyShop HairResort. The Mizuki you see above is not free to everyone, it is free update to the ones that have bought it before.

Gabi_Fitzgerald said...

Oooops, my bad. I'm sorry Cay and you all girls!